Dr. Mahbub Talukder

Special interests:
– Chronic disease management
– Mental Health
– Paediatric Health
– family Health
– Skin cancer Surgery and treatment

Speaks English, Bengali, Persian


Dr. Aldo Notte

Special interests:
– Paediatrics
– Mental Health
– Aged Care
– Chronic Disease Management
– Diabetes management

Speaks English



Dr. Mohamed Eshnin

Special interests:
– Paediatrics
– Women’s Health
– Chronic Disease
– Mental Health
– Iron Infusions

Speaks English, Arabic


Dr. Pau

Dr. Pau completed her medical studies (MBBS) in the University of Melbourne in 2008. She is a fellow in general practice with RACGP.

Special interests: iron infusions, urgent care presentations, chronic disease management including diabetes, heart disease, asthma/COPD, hypertension, women’s health, Implanon insertions/removal, mirena removal.

Languages Spoken: English


Dr. Ashley Zulkapeli

Dr. Ashley Zulkapeli is a Tasmanian Graduate and interested in all aspects of healthcare particularly womens health and paediatrics. Speaks Malay.

Languages Spoken: English, Malay


Dr. Ferdous Ara 

Special interests:
– Diabetes Management
– Geriatric
– Chronic Disease

Languages: Bangla (Bengali) and English


Dr Tharani Nandakumaran

Areas of special interests – Women’s health – Children’s health – Chronic disease management including diabetes, COPD/asthma, hypertension and heart disease – Mental health – Dermatology – Aged care (Geriatrics)

Languages: Tamil & English